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! NOTICE: We are currently not taking on board new housemates, and this is for the reason that we're going through a transition in preparation for our next phase; however, all applications will stay in our system and we'll get back in touch once our preparations are ready (probably sometime in spring of 2019).

Welcome to the Hope House (🌈🏡) Kommunity Autopo-group. Thanks for your interest! We strive to be the international go-to place for humans who desire and are ready & committed to live an intentional life in a co-created, co-supportive group environment in order to acknowledge, voice & pursue their wildest dreams and fulfil their unique potential.

This group ƒunctions as an organisational & social web-app for the community of humans sharing 🌈🏡 in Greenbank, Easton/BS5, Bristol, England.

If you’re not yet familiar with us, a good place to start is the information at, and

If you haven't yet met us in person, this questionnaire is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and for us to begin to explore whether we are a good match for one another. If you've already met us, we’d appreciate it if you fill out the form anyway for the benefit of any housemates you haven’t met and so we have a written record of what you’re about and how we can support you during your time here should you choose to come aboard ⚓️

We hope you find the questions below stimulating. They explore the different areas about sharing a home together to make a community. You don't necessarily need to answer all the questions. Please feel free to answer as many as you can/want, and choose what you would like to share with us.

FYI, at 🌈🏡, we have 3 "tiers", i.e., versions of membership:

  • Resident/Full-time, which means renting a bedroom;
  • Flexi/Part-time, which is more suitable for those who don't want to commit to reserving their own private space full-time but would still like to spend stints of time living here on a more flexible &/or uncertain basis;
  • Friend, which comprises people who would like to be actively involved in some way in the kommunity but don't require any sleeping or storage space at 🌈🏡 (usually because they have accommodation closeby).

A word of advice: compose your application in a text document and then copy & paste the answers in. The form is long, and we wouldn't want your inspirational words to be lost in a computer crash, would we.

Thanks for reading.
We’re stoked to hear from you.

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Applications are visible to all existing members, and are accepted upon gathering 7 proposers + supporters (with at least one proposer). This number is decided democratically by all group members.